Buy in Bulk and SAVE!

Buying in bulk saves you money. It is also amazing to have a freezer full of meat. I find if I have meat in my freezer, I am more likely to cook at home, prepare healthy meals for my family, and stay on my grocery budget. If there is something you don't prefer in one of these meat bundles, just send us a message and we can swap it out for something your family will enjoy. Our goal is to make you a happy customer so you will be a repeat customer. 


We try make ordering meat from us as convenient as possible! We deliver to drop sites in the following towns: Alexandria, Glenwood, Lowry, Starbuck, Fergus Falls, Baxter, Moorhead, Long Praire, Wadena, and Parkers Prairie. If your address is convenient or on our path, we will also deliver to your door. How easy is that?!

All set to order?